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Tom van Meerten

I am a hematologist involved in patient care, clinical and translation research in the field of malignant lymphoma. I focus on translational medicine on diffuse large B cell lymphoma and mantle cell lymphoma. My question by all our findings: how does the patient profit or does it help me to treat the patients. The focus of my research group is on DNA repair, cell cycle and cell death. We test novel combinations of existing anti-cancer agents to ultimately improve the treatment of patients suffering from lymphoma. I participate in the organization of new clinical trials both international (European Mantle cell Lymphoma Network) and national (HOVON). Moreover, I am actively involved in clinical trials concerning the application of CAR T cells for patient with lymphoma.

Additional file 1 of DSP107 combines inhibition of CD47/SIRPα axis with activation of 4-1BB to trigger anticancer immunity
Additional file 1. [43–45].
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