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Diana Al-Sarayfi
Subject: Management of aggressive B-cell lymphoma in elderly patients
Johanna Bult
Subject: DNA and RNA profiling in B-cell lymphomas
Haiying Mo
Subject: DNA damage response, novel therapeutic strategies for DLBCL
Nick Veltmaat
Subject: cfDNA profiling and tracking in B-cell lymphomas
Nohora Rueda Forero
Subject: Studying EBV miRNAs in Hodgkin Lymphoma pathogenesis
Rodrigo Martinez Alcala
Subject: Spatial profiling of the immune landscape in Hodgkin lymphoma
Shiyun Hu
Subject: circZDHHC11 & circPVT1 in the B cell lymphoma
Weiting Li
Subject: Exploring mechanisms of resistant mutation in TKI treated NSCLC
Yajie Lei
Subject: Immunotherapy in Hodgkin lymphoma
Yujie Zhong
Subject: ctDNA as biomarker in B-cell lymphoma
Zainab Al Hashami
Subject: High-Throughput Screening of miRNAs in ER+ Breast Cancer
Yuija (Penny) Pan
Subject: Membrane markers, miRNA screens in Hodgkin lymphoma