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Latest news

Hodgkin lymphoma can be diagnosed much earlier

It is possible to detect Hodgkin lymphoma early by using a simple blood test. This test identifies highly elevated levels of the specific protein TARC, that is secreted by Hodgkin’s tumour cells. In fact, an increased amount of TARC protein can be detected three to six years prior to ┬ádiagnosis. This novel finding was revealed by research led by hematopathologist Arjan Diepstra in collaboration with Wouter Plattel, Anke van den Berg and Lydia Visser. It indicates that Hodgkin lymphoma is a relatively slow-growing tumour that often exists for a long time before symptoms appear. For more information read here, the full paper can be found here.

Dr Xing Zhao has received her PhD degree

On the 5th of July 2023 Dr Xing Zhao has received her PhD degree after succesfully defending her thesis titled “Circular RNAs in the pathogenesis of cancer”. Her team of supervisors consisted of Dr. Joost Kluiver, Prof. Jianzhen Xu (Shantou University Medical College) and Prof Anke van den Berg.

Dr Myra Langedonk received her PhD degree

On June 23rd Dr Myra Langedonk received her PhD degree after defending her thesis titled “BH3 profiling to optimize lymphoma treatment”. Myra was guided by a team consisting of Dr Lydia Visser, Dr. Tom van Meerten, Prof Gerwin Huls and Prof Anke van den Berg. As a next step in her career, Myra is now working as a Medical Writer at QPS Netherlands.

Latest publications

Published In: Blood

Rosetting T cells in Hodgkin lymphoma are activated by immunological synapse components HLA class II and CD58

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Published In: Journal of Nuclear Medicine

F-18-FDG PET/CT in the Diagnostic and Treatment Evaluation of Pediatric Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders

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